How It Works
1.)   Keep your bag in a handy place and put your dirty clothes in your bag daily. This will save you time to gather your clothes the day of pick up.
2.) On the morning of your pick up, place your orange bag by the drawstring on your front door hanger by 8:30 am. We will supply you with a free door hanger for easy pick up and delivery. Please remember to keep your door hanger on so that we can deliver your order in a timely manner.
3.)  On your neighborhood's designated route day your driver will be in your area as late as 11:30 am. 
*If you need a special accommodation pick-up or “Next Day Service”, please call us ahead of time to arrange your request.
4.)  We will deliver your clothes by 7:30 pm the next route day. All Friday pick-ups will be delivered on the following Tuesday
Attached to your order will be a detailed invoice.

5) We require customers to back their account with a credit card on file. At the end of each month we will automatically debit your total accumulated balance plus $0.95 transaction fee to the credit card on file. If you are a new customer, your 1st order will need to be paid in full prior to your 1st delivery. Thank you.
At this time we are not accepting personal checks.

All off route customers will be charged the same day of pick-up OR, on day of delivery.

We look forward to providing you and your family with Quality and Convenience!
Thank you for your business.